Antelope Public House

Founded in the 1800s by Barclays, a company once known for their beer-brewing and nowadays as global financiers, the building at 76 Mitcham Road has been a mainstay for Tootingites for generations. Talk to the locals and they will regale you with tales of times past, of local characters and of life on the Broadway. Our ethos is a simple one, to maintain this community cornerstone as hospitably as we can and allow local history to continue in as rich a vein as possible.

Our food menu embraces your favourites: pub classics without the hassle of the stress of too much decision making for you and reduced food waste for us.  There’s always room for another at the party, so we’d love to know what your pub favourite is ahead of us expanding our menu later in the year.

With a whole host of cosy corners, hire spaces and grand back-drops, we can accommodate for every private function. Please visit our venue hire page for more details or ask a friendly member of our team.

Why not drop by and be part of our little community – we’d be thrilled to have you.

Christmas Fare

The season of celebration is upon us, and we’ve got all the merriment you need right here at The Antelope! If you’re looking for the ultimate Christmas party venue, we’ve got you covered.  Take a look at our ‘Fare’ buffet menu for a deliciously nostalgic Christmas spread that’s perfect for prosecco-in-hand partying.

As always, gorgeous roasts will be served every Sunday, so get yourself booked in for a cosy Winter afternoon.

Food Menus and Drinks List

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